We are all about making sure you are compliant:

  • Your income tax, VAT and PAYE returns are submitted correctly and on time.
  • All your details – company, closed corporation, trust or personal  – are up-to-date and correct on the SARS and CIPC systems.

It is The Accounting Room’s policy to ensure that all SARS and CIPC returns are submitted on time, so that when you or your business need to provide a tax clearance certificate and/or prove various tax registrations you can request this information confidently.

Remember: We know that each of our clients has unique requirements. Although our website provides an overview of what you need to do – and when – to make sure you and your company are SARS and CIPC compliant, please feel free contact us if you need personal assistance.


SAIBA – Southern African Institute for Business Accountants – Business Accountant in Practice (SA)
SAIT – South African Institute for Tax Professionals
SARS – Registered tax practitioners
CIPC – Registered CIPC agents

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